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Route 40 CafeMENUS

Housed in the historic Bonfils/Lowenstein Theatre Complex, we promise a delightful, relaxed dining experience surrounded by local culture and history for a memorable food experience. Take a road trip with us and enjoy American classic burgers, deli sandwiches, and upscale versions of diner mainstays like “Breakfast all Day” and daily “Blue Plate Specials”. Saddle up to the bar for an assortment of modern sodas, milkshakes, local craft beers, and creative twists on classic cocktails. We offer Free Parking behind the Tattered Cover, so whether you are in town or passing through, you can park it, relax and join us for dinner on the “Fax”. Keep Your Motor Running – for those on the road, stop by the Route 40 Pit Stop – a selection of easy to handle inspired eats for the road or the picnic basket. We also off curbside delivery or pickup from our regular menu.


Pea & Mint Soup


Server with focaccia bread

Beaf Meatballs


In a spicy tomato sauce

Hummus & Baba Ganoush Dip


Olive & grilled flatbread


Dark Chocolate & Brownie Delice


Fudge bits & salted caramel ice cream


Berry Cheesecake Trifle


Fresh raspberries & strawberries, sable cookie

Caramelised Lemon Tart


Meringue crisps, gin & tonic ice cream

Main Course

The Classic Burger


Chargrilled, with or without bacon, on a brioche bun & fries

Roast Salmon


Hollandaise sauce, green beans & potato galette

Chef Selection

Tagliatelle Pesto Chicken


Roasted Mediterranean vegetables, tomato and herb sauce

Confit de Canard


Duck confit, white bean & ham cassoulet, wilted spinach

Roasted Steak Roulade


Mint parsley with apple cider vinegar, salt, sugar & spices



Marinated tomatoes, fragrant curry, tamarillo

Lobster & Cucumber Soup


Lobster salad, smoked onion, rock samphire & sorrel

We cater to various dietary restrictions and offer vegetarian and vegan options on any trading day, please contact us at least 24 hours prior to your booking and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Our Producers

We believe that no dish can be better than its ingredients, and that the best ingredients are usually local.

Every day we make many decisions about what we eat and every one of our food choices has an ethical and environmental impact.

It is the best of coincidences that good food choices – those that are good for our land and people, for the environment, for the body and mind – are also delicious and enjoyable.

Our Food Philosophy

We believe that no dish can be better than its ingredients, and that the best ingredients are usually local. As great cooking starts with great ingredients, great ingredients start with great farmers.