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Pasta & Sauces
At Home
Heating Instructions

Pasta Microwave Heating

  • Everything you need is already in the to go containers provided.
  • Find the little poker provided with your pasta (should be taped to the side.)
  • Poke 20 or 30 holes in the top… Takes 30 seconds.
  • Pour two fingers of water into Quart, one finger of water into Pint
  • Place Quart in microwave for three minutes. Pint two minutes.
  • Please be so careful, it will be hot!
  • Drain water, mix with sauce, enjoy!

Heating Sauces Microwave

  • Everything you need is already in the to go containers provided.
  • Remove top from container.
  • Place in microwave with paper towel on top.
  • Heat four minutes.
  • Stir. Check temperature. Repeat every four minutes until super hot!
  • Pour over pasta and enjoy!
  • Yay!

Thank You For all of your support!


Events At Route 40

Route 40 is available for events and party booking this Holiday Season.

Because we are very contentious of ensuring we provide the safest possible experience for all of our guests and staff, events and parties are limited to 25 people at the current time.

However, we recently renovated the restaurant with social distancing in mind. All events and parties have the entire restaurant to themselves!

We can accommodate all table sizes up to 10-people per table, and request (per current regulations) as little standing co-mingling. In addition, we politely request all guests wear masks while not sitting at tables.

We have made every effort to ensure the cleanliness and sanitization of the restaurant and ask for your help in continuing providing a safe space for all.

For business and community event needs, we have a projector in the front of the restaurant and can also provide microphones and sound zoning for the entire restaurant.

Please contact us at 720.373.6018 or for party and event inquiries.

We would love to host your event!

Thank you so much for all your support,

Mark Whistler



Route 40 Café